Victory Advanced Technologies is helping to clean the mobility supply chain by producing powertrain components in the most sustainable way possible. As the demand for mobility increases, so does the demand for rare-earth elements that are often mined using unethical and environmentally destructive practices. This offers a challenge for us to overcome through innovation, a challenge that we are eager to accept. We are striving to build the toughest, most durable, sustainable and ethically sourced electric motors and drive systems on the market. We also have the vision to become the world’s first automotive company that will be B Corp certified.

Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we have a particular focus on SDG 8, 9 & 11.

SDG 8 - We are committed to creating opportunities for the underutilized skilled labour force with competitive compensations and investing in the socio-economic development of our community.

SDG 9 - Our founders are engineers, artists and entrepreneurs. We want to help strengthen the current supply chain for the clean-tech industries and be leaders in electric mobility.

SDG 11 - We strive to replace the need for fossil fuel in the mobility sector with technology powered by renewable energy sources.